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Welcome, I’m Amy creator or Zero Waste Event Planning. I have combined both my passions for event planning and eco-conscious living to conquer an industry that is failing our planet.

I use zero waste suppliers, supplies and use other small businesses when planning your day! I hand make all decorations from second hand, reusable, waste free items to create unique pieces.

I work to your budget big or small!
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changing the
future together

“I think we can each have far more impact than most people assume, but we need to get a lot smarter at understanding which kinds of things make a difference and which don’t.

We need to think beyond the immediate and direct effect of our actions and ask more about ripples that they send out, and how the actions of one person, company or country might get multiplied rather than muffled or counterbalanced by the rest of the system” “It is so easy to think there is nothing any of us can do and i want everyone to see how that is not the case”

“But like me, you care a bit and you are interested to know more about what makes sense on every scale, from the personal to the global” Berners-Lee- There is no Planet B (2019)

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14.5 tonnes of CO2 is created during the average celebration in the UK.
This is equivalent to two and a half elephants worth from one event!

20KG of unrecyclable plastic is left behind at the average British wedding. An average of £488 of food is wasted at the average British wedding as only 15% of people only eat 1 or 2 courses and 15% throw the cake away on their big day.

The waste created by a single event is 65% of what households throw away per year!



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